VOCOlinc Smart HomeKit sensor VS1 set 2 pcs

VOCOlinc Smart HomeKit sensor VS1 set 2 pcs

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Keep your home safe and under control. VS1 utilizes latest Bluetooth technology BLE 5.0 for instant connection. Works with iPhone/iPad/iPod and Apple HomeKit only.

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37 £

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Manufacturer: Vocolinc


Secure Your Home Easily and Smartly
with VS1 Window and Door Sensor

VS1 keeps you informed when your door and window is open by real-time notifications.
In consists of two parts (sensor and magnet), which when opened, send an alert to your phone.
Opening of door can be connected to other actions in your smart home ecosystem,
such as light bulb or LED light strip lighting up.

The product is "HomeKit-enabled" - means personal data is under no circumstances
captured, saved to a cloud, or sold to third parties. Even when accessing
your home remotely via your Home Hub, all data is encrypted end-to-end and stored
on your iPhone or iPad. 



VS1 utilizes latest Bluetooth technology BLE 5.0 for instant connection.

Automate your home and control all VOCOlinc devices
and third party HomeKit compatible 




Technical Specification

Dimensions: sensor: 30 x 63.5 x 9.6 mm, magnet 11 x 45 x 8 mm

Compatibility: Apple HomeKit only

Battery: CR2033 
Duration: 6 months or longer

White colour


Control devices directly in the Home app

Apple HomeKit fans appreciate VS1 connection options to the Home app
along with other smart products certified with "Works with Apple HomeKit" label.
You can control them together by creating scenes,
using the Home app on your iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch.

Have your house automatically illuminate to greet you on entry,
but only after 6 pm. Have your lights turn bright when your baby opens a storage
area with potentially dangerous objects. Turn off the air conditioner
when you open the windows in your room.

Controlling this HomeKit-enabled accessory automatically
and away from home requires a HomePod,
an iPad or an Apple TV with the latest tvOS as a home hub 



Check out the video of Shane Whatley for even more ideas! 


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